Steve had some sad news to share on his return from holidays.

Miss Universe contestant Tegan Martin joined Kim, Sarge and Steve to let them know what the prep was like gettng ready for the big event on Jan 25.

Paper Planes is the new movie in cinemas now starring Sam Worthington.  It was inspired by the real life story of Maitland guy Dylan Parker.  Kim, Sarge and Steve caught up with him to find out how his life turned into a movie!

Kim, Sarge and Steve St John's producer Timmy is given the job of reviewing their show each week to see how they went. This is the best he can come up with...

Max and Karstan have come on board to help out Kim, Sarge and Steve with their Big Block Brekkies starting on January 23.  They joined them to talk about what they'll be cooking on the morning.  If you'd like to enter to have them at your place, click on the tab above and fill in your details.

NewFm is giving your junior soccer team (5 ot 12 year olds) the chance to escort the Jets onto the field for each home game.  

To enter just go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and tell us the name of your team, age of all players, the contact person's name and phone number.  Each Thursday we'll announce who will be the lucky Little Jets!  Good luck.