Shepherd was a surprise guest at the Opening Ceremony of the Lake Macquarie International Children's Games on December 7.  Kim, Sarge and Steve spoke to lead singer George the next morning..

The Mule is a new movie available for download right now.  It's was written and directed by Angus Sampson, who also stars in it. He explained what it's all about to Kim, Sarge and Steve.

Dave Hughes is coming back to town:)  He's playing Belmont 16fters of Friday Dec 5 and Nelson Bay Diggers on Saturday Dec 6.  He caught up with Kim, Sarge and Steve before heading up here with the family.

Guy Pearce is a man of many talents. On top of great reviews for his acting, he's now getting them for his singing.  Kim, Sarge and Steve spoke to him about his new album Broken Bones.

NewFm is giving your junior soccer team (5 ot 12 year olds) the chance to escort the Jets onto the field for each home game.  

To enter just go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and tell us the name of your team, age of all players, the contact person's name and phone number.  Each Thursday we'll announce who will be the lucky Little Jets!  Good luck.

 Each week Phoneboy Timmy takes a 'warts and all' look at how Kim, Sarge and Steve St John performed over the week.  It's his spin on things.. both on and off the air.  He does it without fear... buckle up, it could get ugly :)