Monday to Friday: 6am – 9am

While the majority of us are just starting our day, The NOVOS are well into their 3rd cup of coffee. Hitting the air from 6am, Jade, Matty and Krivo appreciate everything the Novocastrian lifestyle has to offer!

Kate, Tim and Marty

Monday to Friday: 5pm – 7pm

Three of Australia’s most respected personalities come together for the drive home from 5pm. Kate Ritchie, Tim Blackwell and Marty Sheargold bring a conversational cheekiness to NEWFM.

Mixing the day’s hot topics with the best of the web, Kate, Tim & Marty engage their audience by letting them join their ‘club.’ It’s not an exclusive club, with more than 1.5 million listeners every single week!

Kyle & Jackie O

Monday to Friday: 7pm – 8:30pm

The stars from around the world join Kyle and Jackie O each weeknight for the Hour of Power from 7pm.

Jackson Brunner

Monday to Friday: 9am – 1pm

Jackson is a born and bred Novocastrian. Throughout his school years, his teachers often said that he talked too much in class, and he promised them he would one day turn that into a career. He went on to study a Bachelor of Communication at the University of Newcastle, where he graduated in 2015 and went on to nab his dream job at NEWFM.

Outside of work Jackson continues to pursue his passions in photography and you can find him most mornings snapping the sunrise on Merewether Beach. When he is not bringing you Newcastle’s Best Music or behind the lens you can find him live-tweeting episodes of The Real Housewives (a New Jersey fan, but not picky!)

Jackson kick starts your Workday with 105 Minutes of Commercial Free Music from 9am!

Josh Jeans

Monday to Friday: 1pm – 5pm

Josh loves his music and specifically ballads, a cheeky love song goes a long way and there aren’t too many Josh doesn’t have in his music library. When he isn’t behind the mic he is chewing peoples ears off about sport in the corridors even if they don’t care. Pretends to be manly but really he is a big softie who loves his rom-coms.

Josh rolls through the NEWFM Workday with the 90’s Lunch from 1pm and 10 Minutes of the 2000’s from 4pm.

Ryan Atkins

Hey I’m Ryan! I’m originally from good ol’ Sydney where I studied how to sleep in, watch Netflix and open Microsoft Word every now and again, or as its formally known: a Media degree. My parents always said that I had a face for radio and the ability to talk the leg off a chair so I thought I’d give community radio a spin! Many chair legs later – I was lucky enough to score the opportunity to bring you Newcastle’s Best Music on NEWFM! I love Newcastle! If I’m not on-air, I’m most likely checking out the beaches, exploring the city or drinking strawberry milk somewhere.

Ryan spreads the love Monday to Thursday nights from 9pm with Love Song Dedications .. register your dedication now

Mel Sargeant

Mel ‘Sarge’ Sargeant is a Mum of two little girls Summer and Lilly. She loves Newcastle and working at NEW FM. She’s been in radio for ten years working Australia wide but she loves Newcastle so much she chose to stop here. She also heads up NHM-I Got It From My Mumma Podcast with Bec Tansey and NHM Newcastle Hunter Mummas Mum’s lifestyle website.

She’s also well-known MC and supporter of charities The Cancer Council, SIDS and Kids, HAR and more.

You can catch Sarge playing Newcastle’s Best Music on NEWFM Weekends and special events!


Born and Bred in Sydney and after spending time in regional NSW in Parkes & Tamworth JT has called the Hunter home for the past 2 years and loves all it has to offer.

When JT’s not on air he can be found spending time with his 3 kids, binge-watching Criminal Minds, Supporting the Mighty Parramatta Eels … or hiding out somewhere spooning a Jar of Nutella (Yes, we know it’s bad).

JT play’s Newcastle’s Best Music on The Weekend and occasionally filling in across the Workday.

Matty Harrison

You’ll find Matty at the beach most weekends – He loves all things music, radio and pop culture…Before starting in radio, Matty worked in a paint store picking out people’s colours… but he’s colorblind (Figure that one out).

Matty joins The NOVOS weekdays from 6am .. he pushes all the right buttons to keep the show rolling!


Hamish is a self-professed news junkie (which is somewhat helpful, given his career choice) who fell in love with radio when he first realised that suits and ties were not a prerequisite in a largely non-visual medium.

He’s also originally a Queenslander, which explains his overabundance of intelligence and charm. In his spare time, Hamish enjoys writing his own reviews in the third person.

Off-air, Hamish is our News Director .. On-air and he joins The NOVOS weekdays for Breakfast and you can also hear him across the NEWFM Workday.

Bridie Tanner

Bridie hails from Grafton and cranks Newcastle’s Best Music in the studio
while spinning around in a chair.

When she’s not on air you might find Bridie riding her bike, practising
yoga, enjoying some local comedy and watching the latest movies.

Her party trick is shucking oysters and she’s only ever slipped and nicked
her hand once…

Bridie plays Newcastle’s Best Music across the weekend.


Always in the mood to laugh, Emm is a bright ray of sunshine on a dreary day. Her happy and vibrant personality bounces from the airways. When she has a set of headphones and a microphone in front of her she is always ready for a chat and fun times.

Media has always been her passion and after completing studies in Melbourne she joined the NEWFM Network for breakfast radio in Tamworth on FM92.9 where she quickly became a local and supported many charities and organisations. Her desire to be closer to family moved her to the Gold Coast where she continued breakfast radio.

Always up for a challenge and new opportunities her career path took her a new direction and now she is able to combine her love of travel with teaching.

Emm loves family, friends, fitness, and fun. Catch her loveable laugh on weekends!