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Each day The Novos give us the most random facts about absolutely everything. Get ready to be the KING of trivia with your mates.

Love It Or Loathe It

Each day The Novos bring the daily topics to the table to get each other’s thoughts – There’s only one rule – NO FENCE SITTING.

What’s in Jades Box?

Something has been put inside Jades box and The Novos need your help to identify what it is! If you guess correctly you can win big with the Novos.

What’s Matty Blowing?

Matty loves blowing his long black flute and if you guess the song you can win with The Novos!

What’s Krivo Banging?

Krivo can’t stop banging in the studio and if you guess what he’s banging you can win with The Novos!

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Singo’s butcheries – they have prices that undercut the major supermarkets without squeezing the farmers.

Fantasy FriYAYs!

On the last Friday of the month the Novos theme the show to celebrate the end of the month! Costumes are thanks to Wendy and Roz Alice’s Wonderland – Fancy Dress & Costume Hire

Jade is originally from Queanbeyan, yet raised in on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Jade and husband Ben fell in love with Newcastle while visiting several years ago. Having lived in Fingal Bay for the past two years, they have just bought their first home closer to town. Jade began her career in radio by volunteering at the local Port Stephens community radio station. It’s the love of the job and the fun of working with the boys that keeps Jade going with the early starts.

Mark ‘Krivo’ was born and raised in Yarramalong Valley on The Central Coast and moved to Newcastle three years ago and was drawn to the region by our stunning beaches, proximity to The Hunter Valley (admitting to being partial to a love of an occasional good drop!) and the relaxed vibe. He was working as a financial advisor for a bank, when someone suggested he should give radio a go. Unlike his fellow NOVOs team mates, Krivo actually doesn’t mind the early starts. “The ability to be really productive suits, as you can get so much done with your day when the work day is finished by lunch time. Oh and coffee. Lots of coffee.”

You’ll find Matty at the beach most weekends – He loves all things music, radio and pop culture…Before starting in radio, Matty worked in a paint store picking out people’s colours… but he’s colorblind (Figure that one out).

Matty joins The NOVOS weekdays from 6am .. he pushes all the right buttons to keep the show rolling!


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