Former Licensee Banned For Two Years After Man Overserved At Stockton’s Gladstone Hotel

A patron was served the equivalent of 35 standard drinks in 2021 | Image: Gladstone Hotel Facebook

Disciplinary action has been taken against the former licensee of Stockton’s Gladstone Hotel after a man was allowed to consume the equivalent of more than 35 standard drinks at the venue.

Tracey Keegan was the licensee of the hotel on Mitchell Street when a patron was served 22 schooners of beer and one shot, in six and a half hours, before being carried unconscious from the venue on 6 March 2021.

A complaint by the NSW Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority (ILGA) alleged that not only did bar staff continue to serve the man alcohol when he was clearly intoxicated, but failed to call for medical help, even after he fell several times in the bar.

The regulator has now banned Ms Keegan from holding the positions of liquor licensee and approved manager, and from being a close associate of a licensee, for two years, although the hotel’s liquor licence had been transferred to a new licensee since the incident.

Liquor & Gaming NSW Executive Director Regulatory Operations, Jane Lin, said this behaviour by bar staff at the hotel posed a serious risk of harm to the patron.

“It was caused by the licensee’s failure to ensure that the responsible service of alcohol was practised at the hotel and that appropriate practices, procedures, training and supervision were in place to prevent intoxication,” Ms Lin said.

“Apart from breaking the law, the actions of hotel staff put the patron at risk of significant harm.

“As this case shows, venues that fail to abide by responsible service of alcohol requirements can expect to be caught and face significant consequences.”

In a separate decision, ILGA also imposed CCTV and Plan of Management conditions on the hotel’s liquor licence at the request of Liquor & Gaming NSW following ongoing complaints and investigations relating to noise, intoxication and antisocial behaviour.