Marine Rescue NSW cap off their second busiest boating season

It’s been a busy six months for Marine Rescue NSW completing their second largest boating season to date.

More than 3,000 search and rescue missions have been completed since October last year across the state, including just over 440 in Lake Macquarie.

Following more than 200 emergency responses and 993 missions in the Hunter, more than 2,000 people have been safely brought to shore across the region.

Marine Rescue NSW Commissioner, Alex Barrell says, a large portion of rescues were avoidable with proper checks and maintenance before heading out on the water.

“Unfortunately, we’ve seen an overrepresentation in mechanical failures with more than 40% of our responses related to engine failure.

“From our perspective, these are avoidable and we’re again urging boaters to make sure before they head out on the water, they check their engine,” he said.

“It is important that you check your equipment because unfortunately, if things do go wrong, you could find yourself in a life threatening situation.”