Newcastle coal ship found

A Newcastle coal ship has been found at the bottom of the ocean, 120 years after it was wrecked.

The SS Nemesis was lost at sea with 22 crew after it left Newcastle carrying coal and heading to Melbourne in 1904 and hit rough weather.

The wreck has now been found in waters off Port Kembla.

Over several weeks, bodies of crew members washed ashore at Cronulla Beach, as well as fragments of the ship’s steering wheel, doors and other floating wreckage.

NSW Heritage experts, who had spent years investigating and surveying the ocean-floor, immediately suspected they had found SS Nemesis. But identifying it was a challenge as it was so far offshore, in deep, high current water.

With the wreck identified, the state government is hoping to connect with relatives of the crew members, including three men buried in an unmarked grave in Woronora Memorial Park at Sutherland.