Hunter pursuit ends in arrest of three teens

A police chase through parts of the Hunter on Sunday has resulted in the arrest of three teenagers

They were spotted driving in a white Subaru Impreza on Charlestown Road, Charlestown in the early hours of the morning and despite attempts to stop the car, it disobeyed direction and a pursuit was initiated.

It was called off shortly after due to safety concerns, but officers tracked down the vehicle to Grainger Street in Lambton.

A perimetre was then quickly established and the dog squad brought in to track down the offenders, who were located hiding in the backyard of a house on Howe Street.

They were arrested and taken to Newcastle Police Station, where the alleged 16-year-old driver was charged with Take and Drive Conveyance, Enter Inclosed Lands, Police Pursuit, Give False Name, Never Licensed 1st offence and Breach Bail.

One passenger, a boy aged 15, was charged with Be carried in conveyance, Custody of an offensive implement and Possess Prohibited Weapon.

The other passenger, a boy also aged 15, was charged with Be carried in conveyance, Enter Inclosed Lands and Breach of Bail.

All three teens were refused bail.