Hunter couple take home half of $200 million Powerball

A Singleton couple are now set for the rest of their lives after bagging $100 million in last night’s record breaking $200 million Powerball draw.

The Hunter River residents held one of the two division one winning entries drawn on Thursday night.

The newly-minted millionaires were lying in bed when they received the life-changing news and answered the call on the first ring.

“I mean you joke about winning but never expect it to happen to you.

“Well, I absolutely won’t be working anymore! I mean, honestly, do I really need to?!

“There’s always a lot of hypothetical questions of what I would want to do but now I’m just lost for words. I have no idea.

“Maybe an overseas tour. I think I want to see everywhere.

“My partner is here with me now. He’s a bit in shock. He loves his job, so I don’t know if he’ll be retiring.

“We’ll most definitely be celebrating on the weekend. Our options are endless!

“It’s going to help our children immensely.,” The lucky winners said.

They join a winner from Queensland who also held a division one entry.