Firefighters Stunned As Foam-Covered Dog Trots Out Of Burnt House At Singleton

A Chihuahua named Black Diamond has been reunited with his owner after being feared dead in a house fire at Singleton.

Emergency services responded to reports of the blaze around 6.30am on Thursday morning with Fire & Rescue crews from Singleton, Branxton, Cessnock, Minmi and Rutherford rushing to the scene.

The female resident only just made it to safety and was treated for smoke inhalation by paramedics, but there was no sign of her four-legged friend.

Despite the best efforts of firefighters the home was completely consumed by flames and the worst was feared for the woman’s furry companion.

Firefighters set up a defensive perimeter to protect neighbouring homes and gained control of the blaze after about an hour.

Determining the destroyed house was at risk of collapse, crews were dousing hot spots, when suddenly the Chihuahua emerged from the ruins.

Covered in soot and firefighting foam, Black Diamond was unscathed but frightened and bit a firefighter on the thumb when she tried to approach him.

The firefighter was treated in hospital for a minor wound.

Eventually the pup allowed firefighters to clean him up and was happily reunited with his owner.

The cause of the inferno is currently unknown.