Teens Rescued From Lake Macquarie After Capsizing

Three teenage boys were rescued from Lake Macquarie on Monday after their boat capsized.

Local Marine Rescue crews aboard Lake Macquarie 30 rushed to the scene on the southern side of Wangi Wangi just after 10.30am to reports of the incident.

When they arrived they found the trio in the water and clinging to the hull of their tinny.

The vessel had overturned between Pulbah Island and the Dobell Park boat ramp, which can become a trouble spot in high winds.

Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie Unit Commander Jim Wright said luckily the three boys were wearing lifejackets.

“The boys had been in the water for around 30 minutes so the fact they were wearing lifejackets was crucial,” Unit Commander Wright said.

“The Lake Macquarie 30 crew provided basic first aid, checked them over for hypothermia, dried them off and wrapped them in space blankets before taking them and their vessel back to the Dobell Park boat ramp”

Back on dry land, they were met by NSW Ambulance paramedics who also assessed the boys before giving them a clean bill of health.

The Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie Unit Commander praised the volunteers who responded.

“Our radio operators did a wonderful job managing the communications for the rescue mission while the crew on board Lake Macquarie 30 responded swiftly and efficiently”

“Our volunteers train for quick deployment and for our crew to reach the distressed vessel and retrieve the three boys from the water within 12 minutes is exceptional.”

Unit Commander Wright believed the cause of the incident was likely due to strong southerlies, which can wreak havoc in that part of the lake.

“It is a notorious spot when the wind picks up and a southerly has been blowing today,” he said.

“For boaters who have not been in that area of the lake, we ask them to take care especially when it is windy.”