Cruelty Report Lodged With RSPCA As 20 Bunnies Dumped At Charlestown

                          One of the abandoned bunnies | Image The Rabbit Sanctuary Facebook.

A cruelty report has been lodged with the RSPCA after more than twenty rabbits were dumped at Charlestown earlier this week.

The mini lops were released on Willoughby Street on Tuesday, allegedly by a renter who is moving out.

Releasing a rabbit into the wild is a serious offence under the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act, and can attract fines of more than $80,000 and six month prison sentence.

Unfortunately, it is not an isolated incident according to not-for-profit animal foster care organisation The Rabbit Sanctuary.

“Sadly, this sort of situation is far too common,” said a spokesperson for the group.

The bunnies have been temporarily taken in by Dog Rescue Newcastle but will be re-homed with the assistance of The Rabbit Sanctuary, which is urgently seeking more local foster carers.

“The bunnies are stereotypically gorgeous, colourful mini lops with blue eyes who were reportedly hand raised… [but] being pretty does not make bunnies immune to being dumped!”