Tarro Rail Bridge partially reopened to traffic… with three of four lanes open

Motorists will be ecstatic to hear today that the Tarro rail bridge has partially reopened to more traffic this morning…

Transport for NSW confirmed yesterday afternoon that they planned to carry out works last night depending on the weather but due to the rain they couldn’t finish all of the work.

All northbound/eastbound lanes (going towards Newcastle/Port Stephens) of the New England Highway have reopened at Tarro, but only one of the two southbound/westbound lanes (going towards Sydney/Maitland) have opened.

The restrictions for oversize/overmass vehicles heading southbound remains and vehicles exceeding 69 tonnes are not allowed to use the rail bridge at all. Operators of southbound / westbound heavy vehicles up to 5.2 metres high, 7.5 metres wide, or 35 metres long need to use the Newcastle Inner City Bypass and Newcastle Link Rd instead.

Transport for NSW said they will continue to work on re-opening the southbound lane as soon as weather permits and further non-urgent works will be completed at a later stage.

The two additional daily weekday train services on the Hunter Line will run between Newcastle and Maitland while the emergency work continues and while NSW TrainLink assesses passenger numbers following restrictions being lifted on the bridge.