Baby ducklings rescued from fowl ordeal at Lake Macquarie…

Now this is a quacking good story…

A very brave Fire and Rescue NSW crew has rescued a family of ducklings at Lake Macquarie.

The family of eight were waddling along Melroy Drive at Mount Hutton at around 2:15pm yesterday when they encountered a large drainage gate.

Mum and Dad made it safely across the drain, but their six ducklings fell between the quacks, dropping about three metres down into the water below.

The Fire and Rescue NSW crew from Tingara Heights were called to the scene – after checking the drain was safe firefighter Ben Abbott climbed down to save the fluffy ducklings.

Over half an hour, Firefighter Ben carefully plucked out one duckling at a time and reunited them with their concerned parents to recover from the fowl ordeal.

Fire and Rescue NSW say it was water off a ducks back for the experienced firefighters.

Image: Fire and Rescue NSW