Motorcyclist speeds past police at 160km/hr in Upper Hunter


Investigations into dangerous motorcycle riding in the Upper Hunter have taken an unexpected turn…

Hunter Valley Highway Patrol were patrolling Bridge Street in Muswellbrook on Friday night in response to calls from members of the public regarding two sports style motorcycles being ridden in a dangerous manner.

At about 11:40pm, officers located one of the motorcycles believed to be involved, and while police were talking to that rider, another sports motorcycle sped past them at 160 km/hr in a 50 km/hr zone.

The officers made an attempt to stop the second motorcycle, but didn’t pursue it due to wet road conditions and the excess speed – it slowed down to go through a red traffic light on Maitland Road, but then sped back up and continued down the road.

The following night just after 1am, the motorcycle and rider were located hiding behind a dirt mound next to the New England Highway at Muswellbrook.

The 18-year-old from Muswellbrook was found to be the holder of a NSW Learners Licence and riding a modifed 2007 Yamaha R6.

He was arrested and taken to the local police station where his licence was immediately suspended and confiscated.

The registration of the bike was cancelled for three months and the 18-year-old was issued with a Court Attendance Notice for next Tuesday for the offences of learner exceed speed over 45 km/h, not stop vehicle when directed to do so and drive furiously at a speed dangerous.

The male was released on bail.