Cat finds itself in paw-carious situation at Cessnock

The Cessnock Volunteer District Rescue (VRA) Squad was called out to a cat-astrophic animal rescue yesterday afternoon.

Volunteers were called to East Cessnock just before 4pm after a concern for welfare for a cat stuck in a pipe down a drain.

The VRA tried everything they could but they couldn’t get the feline out, so the local Cessnock Rural Fire Service (RFS) was called in to assist.

The RFS volunteers used their fire hose to coax the cat out and it worked.

But, it turns out the cat didn’t want to be freed, scratching and clawing at the volunteers uniforms until it got free and flew right back down the pipe as a speed the volunteers say “an F35 strike fighter would be in awe of”.

Unfortunately, the pipe separated off in various directions and the cat couldn’t be seen – the volunteers say they hope the cat finds its own way out of the paw-carious situation…