Singleton mum home after suffering brain injury overseas

The Singleton mum who suffered a horrific brain injury while holidaying in Thailand has arrived back home in Newcastle.

Kylee Enwright tripped and hit her head at a resort in Phuket at the end of May – she was rushed to hospital and underwent a 6-hour brain operation.

She has been slowly recovering in that hospital while her husband Paul and her family have been working to raise the money they needed to get their loving wife and mum home where she will get the level of care she needs.

Kylee was flown out of Phuket and arrived back in Australia just before midnight on Saturday evening. She was taken to the John Hunter Hospital where Paul said she has already started to respond well to treatment.

Kylee’s sedation was reduced on Sunday and her breathing tube removed and yesterday Paul said the Australian neurosurgeon was going to assess her and start to plan for her recovery.

Paul and his family have had a Go Fund Me page running since Kylee was injured after their travel insurer denied them assistance becuase Kylee had had a drink or two.

Her hospital stay, surgery and travel back to Australia has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.