Hunter mum in “vegetative” state in Thailand after fall

A Hunter man is pleading for help to get his wife medically evacuated from Thailand back home after she suffered a serious brain injury.

Paul and Kylee Enwright own a pest management business in Singleton and went to Phuket at the end of May for break to unwind after a tough few years.

The day after they arrived, the pair were having a few drinks at the pool bar where they were staying – Kylee got up to go to the bathroom and on her way back she slipped and fell.

Paul believes she didn’t realise there were no steps were she stepped and Kylee landed face first into the pavement and was knocked unconscious.

She was rushed to the local hospital and then the major hospital in Phuket where she underwent a 6-hour brain operation.

Doctors have tried to take Kylee out of her coma but she remains in a vegetative state. Paul said on the Go Fund Me page they have set up to raise funds for her travel back home, that she has opened her eyes briefly but remains in a coma.

He said they are desperate to bring Kylee home so she can get the level of care she needs in Australia to give her every chance of making some sort of recovery – a chance that is lessening as each day goes by.

The Enwright family have been left to foot the entirety of Kylee’s medical bill as well as the cost of bringing Kylee home which is upwards of $200,000.

You can donate at the Go Fund Me page: