Offshore wind project hits milestone

A wind farm proposed for the Hunter’s coastline has moved a step further than other offshore wind project in the state.

A referral for Energy Estate’s Hunter Central Coast Offshore Energy Project has been published by the Federal government for public consultation.

This is the first formal step in the approval process for the offshore wind project.

Energy Estate is proposing to build up to 100 floating wind turbines between 25 and 55 kilometres off the coastline between Newcastle and Gosford that will generate up to 1.65 gigawatts of energy.

Rosie King, Director of Partnerships at Energy Estate said they are committed to doing their part in the country’s clean energy transition.

”Energy Estate is committed to the transformation of the Hunter-Central Coast region into a clean energy powerhouse – from the coast to the Upper Hunter. This is just the first formal step in the approval process for the Hunter Central-Coast Offshore Energy project.

“Last year we released our visual simulations for the project and held our first community drop in sessions. We are passionate about working closely with local stakeholders during the development process and we want the communities’ input into the design of our projects.

“There will be many opportunities for the affected communities and stakeholders to actively participate in the approval process over the coming years.”

No other offshore wind projects proposed for the east coast have reached this level of the approval process.

The referral is open for public comment for ten days only: