Fogo Street, Wallsend residents given all clear to return home, after mine subsidence concerns

Wallsend residents who were evacuated from their homes, near Fogo Street as a result of mine subsidence, have now been given the all clear to return.

A four-day multi-agency operation has been underway since the hole opened up on Saturday, March 25, when police attended the scene and established an exclusion zone, affecting around 40 residents.

Following extensive assessments and work by multiple agencies and utility providers to ensure risks were mitigated, affected residents were allowed to return home on Tuesday night.

While people are allowed to return to their homes, Fogo Street remains closed to road traffic until remediation works can take place.

The situation continues to be closely monitored by Subsidence Advisory NSW and other specialist agencies and utility providers.

Anyone who suspects a subsidence safety issue is being urged to keep away and contact Subsidence Advisory’s 24-hour Emergency Hotline on 1800 248 083.

Police say a sinkhole in nearby Platt Street, which opened up on Tuesday, remains an unrelated matter.