Airforce Channel To Open To Boaties Over Summer Ahead Of Dredging At Swansea

With over two month to go until the dredging of Swansea Channel another route has been identified for boaties to use over the summer.

Local MP Yasmin Catley said the Maritime Infrastructure Delivery Office (MIDO) will open the airforce channel, as it is approximately two metres deep, allowing safe passage.

The route is only a temporary one until dredging gets underway in February, with navigational buoys due to be installed in two weeks time.

A longer term dredging program is scheduled for later in 2023.

Ms Catley said dredging had been pushed back to February after being due initially to take place in late 2022.

“Dredging of Swansea Channel is a project that has dragged out for far too long and has caused frustration within the local community”.

“While I am pleased MIDO are thinking outside the box, it is disappointing that they have not met their own timeline for dredge works”.

The waterway is a gateway to Lake Macquarie and a mecca for boaties in the summer months.

“It is necessary that they have the confidence that the channel is navigable at all times. Going forward, its critical for MIDO to ensure that dredging is undertaken before shoaling occurs,” Ms Catley said.