Cane toads could be on the move at Lake Macquarie

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is bracing itself for more cane toad sightings in southern Lake Macquarie.

Last month, a swam of the amphibians were found under tin sheets on a property in Mandalong.

Last Wednesday the DPI’s biosecurity team found another eight cane toads taking the number captured to 28.

The DPI is urging residents at Mandalong to report any sightings of cane toads immediately. There is some concern that now the weather is warming up cane toads are going to start and leave their shelter and look for food.

The DPI said there are some easy things locals can do to lure them out and report them like leaving outside lights on at night because cane toads are attracted to the insects the light attracts.

NSW DPI advises people not to harm animals they think may be cane toads, as it may be a native frog, and contact a biosecurity authority who will be able to identify the species.
If you think you have seen a cane toad, use the online biosecurity concern form, call your local council or the NSW DPI Biosecurity Helpline 1800 680 244, or use the free ToadScan app
More information about cane toads is available on the NSW DPI website