First Blue Plaque installed in NSW in East Maitland

One of East Maitland’s heritage locations has a new addition in honour of the woman who made it so unique.

A Blue Plaque has been installed for the first time ever to recognise Caroline Chisholm whose tireless work tireless work towards improving conditions for countless immigrant women and families arriving in Australia is etched in the history books.

There will be 21 Blue Plaques installed in NSW to recognise extraordinary people and events from our State’s history.

Minister for Heritage James Griffin said Caroline Chisholm embodied the Australian spirit and was an advocate for women and immigrant families, so it’s fitting that her Blue Plaque is the first to be unveiled,

“Caroline Chisholm Cottage in East Maitland is now the permanent home for the first NSW Blue Plaque, and it’s just the first of many more sites around the state that will feature the plaques.

“Our $5 million Blue Plaques program is all about getting communities involved in local heritage, and recognising the extraordinary people and stories that helped shape NSW.”

Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter Taylor Martin said  the Caroline Chisholm Cottage is believed to be the only surviving site of her charitable works, dating back to 1842.

“After immigrating to Australia, she helped other newly arrived migrants, especially young women, and would meet every incoming ship to offer support in finding employment and housing for them.

“She encouraged immigrants to move inland where there were more jobs, and had employment agencies and hostels set up in rural areas right across the State, including the one now known as Caroline Chisholm Cottage on Mill Street, East Maitland.”

A new website that shares the stories and photos of each recipient has also been launched. To learn more, visit