Closing credits for Heddon Greta Drive-In

It’s been a tradition for as long as Hunter Valley locals can remember, going to the Heddon Greta Drive-In to catch a movie on the big screen.

But, that tradition is coming to an end as the drive-in’s owner Scott Sneddon confirms he has sold the business and the land because of a development application for 63 residential housing lots that has been submitted to Cessnock Council.

There is still a chance the Drive-In might stay, but Mr Sneddon said on social media they are looking at a couple of proposals to build in a different location.

Mr Sneddon will continue to oversee the operation of the Drive-In under the owners until July next year.

The Drive-In has been operating since 1967 at Heddon Greta and Mr Sneddon has owned the business since 1996.

“Since that evening in March 1996 many thousands of families have sat together as a group for more hours than they would have otherwise. Well over a hundred people, mostly youngsters, have worked there during their late high school, TAFE and university days.

“Historically, drive-ins were built on the outskirts of towns and cities on semi-rural land which, as the towns and cities grew, were taken over by suburbia. The thing with Heddon Greta was that it took a few more decades before progress caught up with us.

“From those early days in October 1995 when we started to hack down the undergrowth to open I have been blessed to have so many amazing people join the team and support us, as well as the thousands of people who have supported us by coming and watching the stars under the stars.

“We are hoping to continue until July next year, but that may change. I can only say don’t wait until the very last week to come and experience the atmosphere of Heddon Greta Drive-in. Please enjoy the show but if by chance you don’t like the movie … you can slash the seats!”

Image: Heddon Greta Drive-In Facebook page