$30 million worth of Dine and Discover vouchers still to be used in Hunter

There’s $30 million worth of Dine and Discover vouchers still unused in the Hunter region and we’re being urged to use them or lose them.

Business Hunter is encouraging everyone to use the NSW Government vouchers before they expire on 30 June 2022.

The Dine vouchers can be used at eligible restaurants and pubs for dine-in or take-away right across the region. While Discover vouchers can be used at eligible cinemas, museums, galleries, zoos, wildlife parks, theatres, amusement parks and indoor entertainment such as bowling, go-karting, indoor climbing and mini-golf.

Business Hunter CEO Bob Hawes said eligible residents could’ve gotten six $25 vouchers.

“The vouchers were first introduced to help the state’s economic recovery following COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns which saw business revenue dramatically decrease,” Bob Hawes said.

“We know they have been well used in specific cases however, we understand there is currently over $300million worth of the vouchers across NSW unused.  If you deduce the Hunter is about 10% of the states population, it could represent $30million here locally still to spend.”

“Most Covid restrictions on businesses have eased in recent months and as mandatory ‘check ins’ were removed, the vouchers were no longer front-of-mind for many patrons and businesses entering a business. I only recently realised I still had 2 of 6 vouchers to use.”

“With interest rates and inflation hitting every resident and business, now is the time to use your Dine, Discover and Stay vouchers – supporting your business community and enjoying a discounted meal, show or holiday on behalf of the NSW Government,” Bob Hawes said.

The $50 Stay NSW voucher can be redeemed up to October.