Lake Macquarie land to be transferred to local Aboriginal community

Five parcels of land at Lake Macquarie will be handed over the local Aboriginal community following a successful land claim.

The Department of Planning approved the claims for more than 34 hectares of Crown land from Biraban Local Aboriginal Land Council under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act.

The approved claims are:

  • 19.09 hectares of land at Morisset on the corner of Awaba and Terrigal Streets
  • 12.75 hectares on Wangi Road, south of the industrial estate along Dorrington Road
  • 1.38 hecatres on Freemans Drive, on the corner of Mandalong Road
  • 0.93 hectares betweem Baddeley Street and Sydney Street, off Wilton Road, near Awaba Station
  • 0.54 hectares near Awaba Station, between Wilton Road and Olney Street

Biraban Local Aboriginal Land Council CEO Ashley Williams has welcomed the approval and says it would benefit the Lake Macquarie community.

“Land claims are important as they unlock economic potential and we are a not for profit with funds reinvested back into the community.

“We want to support the Aboriginal community but also the wider community so we will work with Lake Macquarie City Council on what the community needs,” Ms Williams said.