Hunter mining company’s pour $6.1 billion into local economy

Mining companies around the Hunter contributed a whopping $6.1 billion into the local economy in the last financial year.

The latest survey from the NSW Minerals Council found the 28 participating mining companies in the Hunter supported over 13,250 mining jobs, a slight increase on the previous year.

The $6.1 billion direct spend in the local economy is the second highest result in a decade and included $1.53 billion being spent on wages and salaries, as well as almost $4.5 billion for goods and services purchased from over 3,160 mining supplier businesses across the Hunter region.

The 3,160 Hunter businesses reported as part of the region’s mining supply chain was down slightly from the 3,400 businesses reported in the previous year, reflecting the difficulties faced by many businesses across NSW due to Covid-19.

“These very strong jobs and expenditure numbers highlight the importance of the mining sector for the Hunter’s economy, and especially for mining communities across the region. These results also demonstrate how mining was able to provide economic strength and stability to the Hunter at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic,” NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee said.

“The ongoing economic contribution to the Hunter provided by our member companies highlights the resilience of our industry during these tough times, keeping our mines operating while maintaining the safety of our miners, their families and our mining communities across NSW,” Stephen Galilee said.

Image credit: NEWFM Newsroom/Jessica Rouse