Rainfall brings out cane toad in Rutherford

Recent rainfall across the Hunter region has flushed out an unwelcome creature…

Hunter Local Land Services (HLLS) say a juvenile female cane toad has been found in Rutherford but they don’t think the toad was old enough to have laid any eggs.

HLLS authorities say while there may not be any more, it does serve as a reminder to be vigilant of what could be around after all the recent rainfall.

Cane toads are described as an invasive pest usually with a silver-gold eye with protruding eyebrow, hard bony ridge over snout, large glands on neck, bumpy skin in adults and faint marbling on belly.

The species do produce poison when they’re stressed and are potentially lethal to domestic animals.

The HLLS team took a lot of photos of this cane toad and have a Frog and Toad ID Booklet online to help locals understand and identify natives that might be enjoying the soggy conditions and making themselves at home in your backyard.

There’s also details on what to do if you find one like wearing protective clothing.

You can find the booklet with all the details here: https://www.lls.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/1395075/Frogs-of-the-Hunter-Region.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1zAzYHU6pE1qlnCheY52WAliKYbu6x4XMmcqtLI0ZzB6pkgK57_7NBGvw