Mask mandate in NSW schools scrapped

The mask mandate in NSW schools has been scrapped.

The State Government announced the change in COVID rules for schools this morning which will take effect from this Monday:

From Monday 28 February:

  • Cohorting requirements and activity restrictions will be relaxed – enabling students to engage and interact more freely across classes and year groups.
  • Schools will be able to welcome more visitors onto school grounds, including parents, and will resume activities such as assemblies and school camps.
  • Mask requirements will be lifted for high school students and staff.

From Monday, 7 March:

  • Mask requirements will be lifted for primary school and early education staff.

Staff in Schools for Specific Purposes will continue to be required to wear masks based on health advice.

Minister for Education and Early Learning Sarah Mitchell said this was the first time since the pandemic started two years ago that students have enjoyed this level of normality.

“We know transmission in schools is extremely low, and not a single school has closed since school returned despite the levels of community transmission,” Sarah Mitchell said.

“Relaxing cohorting and restrictions on visitors will let more parents engage with their child’s school and allow students to participate in cross-year group activities, which is welcome news for both students and parents everywhere.”

COVID Smart settings will continue to be reviewed and updated, as necessary on health advice.