Voters Back Clean Energy, Hunter Poised To Reap $11b Revenue 30k Jobs In Transition

A new poll released today shows a majority of people are leaning toward clean energy rather than coal.

The You Gov survey shows out of a thousand voters in regional, rural and metro NSW 60% believe the state’s economic future lies in clean industries, including renewable energy exports like green hydrogen, critical minerals such as lithium and cobalt, and manufacturing renewable products.

In fact, only a fifth thought coal and gas would be profitable long-term.

It comes amid a growing push to transition away from the fossil fuel industry in the Hunter, and at the world’s largest coal port in Newcastle despite fears of massive job losses in the region.

There are positive signs on the jobs front though, with two-thirds of those in the YouGov survey saying clean jobs in renewable energy will be the best source of future employment.

Only 19% in NSW back fossil fuels as the best source of future jobs.

The survey, commissioned by the Climate Council also found that 6 in 10 want the government to invest in renewables as a priority, ahead of 15% for coal and 17% for gas.

61% agree that regional areas like the Hunter have the most to benefit from the global transformation to renewables.

Sam Mella, Hunter Engagement Manager for Beyond Zero Emissions says the transition to a zero-emissions future provides amazing opportunities for regional areas, with abundant renewable resources to power Renewable Energy Industrial precincts.

“Our analysis shows that Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts across Australia could grow a new green export market worth $333 billion a year by 2050, almost triple the value of our current fossil fuel exports,” Ms Mella Said.

“A Hunter REIP could attract $28 billion investment by 2032, generate 34,000 new jobs and $11 billion in annual revenue.”