Toby Price moves up to 9th position at Dakar Rally

Australian motorcycle rider Toby Price has moved up to 9th position at the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia.

The former Hunter resident is slowly creeping up in the rankings after some challenging stages and navigation errors along the way.

In the eighth 830-kilometre stage of the rally overnight Price crossed the line in 6th position, eight minutes and 39 seconds behind the leader Sam Sunderland.

Price said post-race he’s happy with how the stage went even if there were some errors.

“It wasn’t too bad, we got through pretty smooth, there were a couple of mistakes as usual but it’s hard to not make any out there so all in all the bike was really good,”

“We’re ready for another day.”

There are twelve stages in the Dakar Rally and Price is hoping to secure his third Dakar champion title.

Image credit: Toby Price Racing Facebook page