Lake Macquarie police on the hunt for gnome knappers

Lake Macquarie Police are on the hunt for gnome knappers who vandalised the front yard of a man’s home at Belmont.

In the early hours of Monday morning, the well-loved display of gnomes outside Graham “Jacko” Geatche’s home opposite the Belmont foreshore was attacked.

About 25 gnomes were removed from the front yard and then strewn, smashed, along the street.

Belmont Police say they’re in the process of following up some information about the vandals, who they believe may also have been responsible for smashing side mirrors off a number of vehicles in Belmont on the same night.

They’re asking those responsible to hand themselves in before they get a knock on the door and, if under 18, bring a parent or guardian with them to Belmont police station.

A huge public response has resulted in replacement gnomes now watching out from Mr Geatche’s home.

Police say it’s been very heartwarming to see the local community rebuild Jacko’s gnome collection.

Image credit: Lake Macquarie Police District Facebook page