Hunter Workers Union gathers in support of Teachers strike

A coalition of Hunter Unions gathered on Friday morning in solidarity with teachers who are walking off the job on Tuesday.

It’s in response to a lack of action from the state government on teacher shortages, workloads and pay.

Up to 60,000 school staff, including teachers and principles, will strike or 24 hours, despite a ruling in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission demanding the action be taken.

It will be the first 24-hour strike by teachers in a decade and care will only be provided to students on a case-by-case basis.

Jack Galvin-Waight from the NSW Teachers Federation says he hopes everyone shows their support.

“My advice to parents is, teachers don’t take this lightly. We need you support because this is for your kids.

“Teachers have gone above and beyond and they deserve more than thanks from politicians. We are saying this to the Premier, if you don’t care about the teacher shortages, you don’t care about our kids. That’s why teachers in the Hunter are striking, because we care about our kids.

“Enough is enough. Stop the shortages. Our students deserve better and our teachers certainly deserve better,” Mr Galvin Waight said.