Dungog Mayor asks voters not to vote for him in the upcoming election

The Mayor of Dungog has asked voters not to vote for him in the upcoming Local Government elections…

It sounds like a statement that would come from someone opposing John Connors, but it’s a request from the Mayor himself.

Mayor Connors has successfully run uncontested for the position of Mayor in the Dungog Shire and therefore be declared elected unopposed as Mayor, the NSW Electoral Commission said it’s actually unprecedented and therefore, there was not the option to remove Cr Connors’ nomination from the ballot paper for A Ward.

Mayor Connors said he wants to make sure every vote counts.

“I am proud to continue to represent the people of Dungog Shire during the next council term, but want to make sure that there vote counts,” says Cr Connors.

“I requested my name be removed from the A Ward ballot to avoid confusion once it became evident that I would be elected unopposed as Mayor; however, the Electoral Commission advised that as the position of a popularly elected Mayor has never before been unopposed in NSW, there was no precedent for this situation and I would remain on the voting ballot.”

“As a result, I am urging residents in A Ward to select another candidate, as a mark against my name means your vote will be wasted.”

Cr Connors said he has been honoured to represent the people of Dungog Shire since taking on the Mayoral role in March 2020 and appreciates their ongoing support.

“During the past two years we have banded together as a region in the face of many challenges including bushfire, flood and the far-reaching impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic,” adds Cr Connors.

“We have overcome these challenges together and successfully advocated for millions of dollars in funding to upgrade our road and community infrastructure, to improve our quality of life.”