Iconic Newcastle Police Station to undergo $6.5 million transformation

The iconic Newcastle Police Station is going to undergo a $6.5 million transformation.

The harsh facade will be no more thanks to the funding from the NSW Government which is a part of a $24.2 million investment in NSW Policing infrastructure for the Hunter.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services David Elliott and Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter, Taylor Martin, today announced the significant infrastructure boost for the Hunter region today.

David Elliot said the NSW Government is committed to not only the Hunter, but it’s police.

“It will ensure the men and women who serve Newcastle will have best practice when it comes to their facilities and resources. Policing in Newcastle has always been a challenge. Not only is it a very very busy industrial town, it is a cornerstone of the tourism fraternity here in the Hunter Valley and is also an important commercial centre,” he said.

“That’s why this command has always been at front of mind when it comes to issuing resources and we’ve seen that with the increased police that have been commissioned up here.”

“It will ensure the experience that the members of the public have when they interact with police is a lot less stressful.”

“The NSW Government recognises that for a modern police force to operate efficiently they need a functional workplace; this funding will ensure officers are working a safe and purpose-designed environment,” he said.

Construction will take around two years to complete and is expected to be done by 2023.

“Newcastle is a historical town and I think sometimes when we as government departments make such brutal buildings, it has never fit in well with the surroundings,”

“I can only apologise on behalf of the architect and the police force of 1983,” David Elliot laughed.

“Any improvement here is going to be welcome.”

NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Peter McKenna also welcomed the announcement in Newcastle this morning.

“NSW Police, regional policing, has never been better resourced than it has at the moment,” he said.

“To have this announcement today is very welcome by the police so they can go on and do their duties as professionally as always but with the most up to date resources as possible.”

Image credit: Jessica Rouse