Driver escapes with minor injuries after car flips on to a carport at Cardiff

A driver was lucky to escape with only minor injuries after the car she was driving crashed into someone’s front yard.

Emergency services were called to Reservoir Road at Cardiff shortly after 9:30pm after reports a car had ended up in a house and someone was trapped.

Crews arrived to find a vehicle had left the roadway, went through the front yard of one property and ended up crashing into a parked car and flipping on to a carport in the adjacent property.

The driver managed to self-extricate from the vehicle – the 30-year-old suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital.

Salvage crews were able to remove the parked vehicle by cutting away excess metal which enabled the resting car to be lowered onto the ground as well.

The area was rendered safe by Fire and Rescue NSW crews shortly after 11 pm.

Thankfully all affected people were relatively uninjured and only one person was transported to hospital via ambulance.