Theft from motor vehicles growing problem in Maitland

Post Stephens-Hunter Police District officers are warning locals to lock their vehicles at all times.

There has been an increase in theft from motor vehicles particularly in the Maitland area.

In October so far there have been 25 including 14 in Maitland, 9 in Rutherford and two in Raymond Terrace.

In one night alone six cars were broken into on Racecourse Road in Rutherford.

Commander of the Port Stephens-Hunter Police District Superintendent Chad Gillies said in most of the cases the cars were unlocked making them an easy target.

“All bar one have been confirmed to have been unlocked and stolen from those cars have been wallets and personal belongings and the eventual tip on offences of pay wave fraud have occurred,” said Superintendent Gillies.

“Our police are responding to that and investigating, speaking to members of the community in and around those areas and reviewing CCTV however these crimes are preventable.”

“Protect yourself and make sure you secure your vehicle, don’t leave valuables in them and that includes when you park in front of your house or out on the street. As I said 25 offences, people are now out and about more than they were.”