NSW preparing for surge in mice activity

NSW is preparing for a surge in mice numbers as we get into Spring.

In a bid to plan a way forward, more than 200 farmers, industry and government representatives have gotten together online to chart a way forward against the potential surge in mouse numbers.

Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall said it was invaluable to have all stakeholders together for the latest updates and to discuss key issues with farmers.

“Mouse activity in regional NSW will increase in spring as conditions improve so it was beneficial to gather key scientists and experts for public discussion,” Adam Marshall said.

“Developing a shared understanding of the issues facing our farmers and likely level of financial and operational risk to farming businesses helps ensure a coordinated approach to reducing those impacts.”

“The NSW Government has put $150 million on the table to support our farmers, more than any other state, and I am pleased to confirm there is still millions of dollars of support available as part of the zinc phosphide rebate scheme.”

Leading expert Steve Henry of the CSRIO confirmed that, after compiling reports of mouse number from across grain growing regions, it was highly likely the NSW grain belt would be impacted by mice.

“The message to farmers is clear, monitor your fields now, bait early and monitor the success of baiting as your crop matures,” Steve Henry said.

The forum brought together representatives from NSW Department of Primary Industries, Local Land Services, CSIRO, Grains Research and Development Corporation, Grain Producers Australia and NSW Farmers.

Grain Producers Australia Chairman Andrew Weidemann said GPA would work closely with the NSW Government to help ensure bait supply for primary producers.

“Bait supply has been raised as a potential concern. However, as we work with all five zinc phosphide manufactures, we are confident there will be adequate supply and product options for farmers across the state,” Andrew Weidemann said.

NSW Farmers Vice President Xavier Martin thanked Minister Marshall and the Government for their progress on the issue and said producers looked forward to the publication of data on new bait formulations.

Image credit: Wikipedia Commons