Dog Rescue Newcastle finds a home for their permanent shelter

Dog Rescue Newcastle is finally able to build their dream, the “Newcastle Animal Shelter”.

More than 12 months ago the organisation launched a fundraising campaign to get enough funds together for a sizeable mortgage deposit for a suitable property.

They were able to fundraise $70,000 and after seven months of searching all over the Hunter region, they found a suitable property at Fullerton Cove.

It’s 2-acres in size and will allow Dog Rescue Newcastle to have 40 dogs on-site, provide ongoing rehabilitation and training as well until the dogs are able to be moved into foster care or to a forever home.

The property needs some work to make their vision come true but will eventually have multiple exercise yards, indoor and outdoor training yards, long-term accommodation for special cases, a community pet pantry, event space, memorial garden, retail store and adoption office.

Not only will it be a home for dogs, but they will be running a number of programs from the shelter including:

  • Community Training Days and Puppy Pre-School
  • Domestic Violence
  • Social inclusion – Physical and Mental Disabilities
  • At-risk Youth – Training programs
  • Extensive Mental Health Program

The team said it’s not the sanctuary they initially dreamed of, but it’s the shelter that’s needed right now.

Dog Rescue Newcastle are still fundraising to cover the cost of the renovations as they are a 100% volunteer-run organisation.

You can donate here:

Image credit: Dog Rescue Newcastle Facebook page