Kath Elliott joins Newcastle Independent team

Kath Elliot has joined the Newcastle Independents team.

Already a sitting Councillor, Kath has represented Ward 2 during this team of Council in Newcastle, but now resides in Ward 4.

She said she hopes the people of Ward 4 put their faith in her at the Local Government election in December.

“I live and work in Ward 4, as do my daughters and their young families.”

Kath said she will fight for the completion of flood mitigation for Wallsend and work closely with the State Government to resolve the traffic jams on Minmi Road.

“We desperately need an upgrade to Minmi Road and people who need to use it every day deserve to enjoy the benefits of faster commute times,” she said.

“Ward 4 is the home of many hard-working families, and they need to have a representative who is focused on their needs.”

Cr Elliott replaces Cr Allan Robinson, who parted ways with the Newcastle Independents team in July amid reports of nasty comments he allegedly made about fellow councillors.

Ward 2 candidate PJ Fallon will move up the ticket to lead the Newcastle Independents in that Ward.