Bid For 24-Hour Servo, Fast Food At Mount Hutton Denied

An all-hours service station and fast food restaurant in Lake Macquarie was a hotly contested issue at this week’s Council meeting, after garnering universal opposition from locals.

The planned location on Wilsons Road, Mount Hutton had B2 Local Centre zoning, and three existing homes would be demolished and the lots combined to make way for the site.

While the zoning extends to the north-west and south-east on both sides of Wilsons Road and the Mount Hutton neighbourhood shops sit opposite the site, it backs directly onto a residential estate.

                 Plans provided to Lake Macquarie Council

Locals raised concerns about the project, with all 41 community submissions made to Council opposing it during community consultation.

Chief among neighbours worries were the noise, smell and light spill they would be forced to live with 24 hours a day, as well as the potential for increased traffic and crime if it was given the green light.

In Monday night’s meeting, Liberal Councilor Kevin Baker argued in the proposals favour, saying measures to offset the community’s concerns were included in the application and that it met all approval requirements.

Others were not convinced though, and it was rejected for development at that particular site.

The ruling could leave the door open for the project to go ahead in a different location in Mount Hutton, but Councilor Baker thinks it’s unlikely.

“Now that Council has knocked it on the head what kind of confidence can people have to develop any project in Lake Macquarie,” Cr Baker said.

“We need to have development confidence for people to come into our city and want to invest money.”

Councillor Adam Shultz who advocated on behalf of the community and opposed the development has also been contacted for a response to the ruling.