Pfizer Relocation Hits Hunter Vaccination Hub

The Belmont Hub has been plagued by issues since it opened in July. Image: HNE Health

Hunter New England Health has apologised for a system error which saw COVID vaccinations canceled for priority groups and residents who had already received their first dose of Pfizer.

It comes after hundreds of Hunter residents were advised over the weekend that their bookings for the Belmont Mass Vaccination Hub had been scrapped, with their doses being redirected by the state government to school students in Sydney.

The move was only meant to redirect doses from Hunter residents who hadn’t yet received their first shot, but a system error has forced some of the region’s most vulnerable residents to reschedule.

HNE Health is assuring anyone in the priority groups under Phase 1a and 1b, and those who have already received their first dose of Pfizer, will be able to rebook their appointment immediately by contacting the clinic.

It hasn’t been confirmed whether the originally booked dates will be re-confirmed, or if residents will be given a new vaccination date.

The move left already-frustrated residents furious, having initially faced issues with booking at the hub due to an error which limited appointments to within a 60 day period.

People correctly identified by the reallocation system will be sent a priority access code to reschedule their Pfizer vaccines for a later date, or they can choose to receive Astrazeneca instead.