Police break up party at Belmont that broke Public Health Order

Police have had to break up a party at Belmont that broke Public Health Orders.

In the last 24 hours police received a call from a concerned neighbour that there was a gathering of more than five people nearby.

The Public Health Order for regional NSW states you can only have five people in your home, including children and those who live at the residence.

NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Gary Worboys said at the daily COVID-19 press conference today it was one of three illegal gatherings in the last reporting period.

“People making a conscious decision to have people to their house that aren’t entitled to be there, that the Public Health Orders say should not be there and they make this conscious decision to have a party and invite people around at not just a risk to themselves but to their families,” he said.

“They can only have five people in their house, they’re outside of Greater Sydney, but they chose to have ten people in that house, have a party that was not just in the house but continued out into the backyard,”

“Police were called, there were a number of calls to police,” said Deputy Commissioner Worboys.

“So these are events where people in their neighbourhood are so concerned that they’re calling the police to go around and conduct an investigation and try to set those people straight in terms of the risk that they pose to themselves and also that community.”

“The easy part is just that, where people ring up and the police attend, they make an investigation and they issue the infringement notice. The hard part for everyone to gt their head around is the fact this Delta strain is so transmissible that people will quite consciously invite people into their house and each and every one of those people then return to their home with the bright prospect of infecting everyone in their household.”

NSW Police issued 246 Penalty Infringement Notices in the last 24 hours.

“We’ve seen it happen before and this behaviour is highly irresponsible,” said Deputy Commissioner Worboys.

“On each of these occasions when police turn up and ask the owner of the house and the people at the party, they’re quite aware of the health orders so it is a conscious effort to drag down the millions of people every single day, no matter how hard and challenging it is, who are doing the right thing.”