Local MPs Back Voluntary Assisted Dying Laws

Lake Macquarie MP Greg Piper attends a recent Dying With Dignity stall

A new bill proposing access to voluntary euthanasia for NSW residents will be tabled next month, with the majority of Hunter MPs set to back the push.

The proposed laws would allow adult residents living with a terminal disease or intolerable suffering to access voluntary euthanasia, after discussing the option with two doctors and being assessed for eligibility.

With the new bill set for debate in September, co-author and Lake Macquarie MP Greg Piper is urging his fellow MPs to put their religious beliefs aside, and says it’s not right for one individual’s beliefs to play such a defining role in the lives of others.

“This doesn’t impinge on their personal situation, if they aren’t in favor and that’s how they interpret their faith, they don’t have to participate,” Mr Piper said.

A previous voluntary assisted dying bill failed to pass the Upper House two years ago.