CLIFFSIDE RESCUE: Couple Saved from Catherine Hill Bay Cave

The couple were hauled to safety by rescue crews. Image: Facebook/Fire and Rescue Station 357 Lambton

A young couple has had a lucky escape after being rescued from a cave at Catherine Hill Bay on Tuesday night.

Concerns were raised on Tuesday night after the pair hadn’t been since since 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Around 11:30pm, police located the man and woman inside a cliffside cave.

Fire and Rescue crews battled dark and cold conditions to rescue the pair, constructing a rope system to haul them to the cliff top.

One brave firefighter scaled 20 metres through crashing waves to reach the pair before they were all hauled one at a time to the surface.

The couple was given blankets before being checked over by NSW Ambulance crews.

They were lucky to escape with minor cuts and scratches.