UPDATE: EMERGENCY WARNING issued for the Fire at Salt Ash

A bush fire is burning in the Lemon Tree Passage Rd, Salt Ash area. The fire has burnt more than 965 hectares.

Current Situation – updated at 9:19PM

A south westerly wind change has impacted the fireground increasing fire activity.

The fire is impacting the areas of Tanilba Bay, Mallabumla and Lemon Tree Passage.

Under these conditions fires will be uncontrollable and move quickly. Flames may burn higher than roof tops. Embers will be blown ahead of the fire and create spot fires that can threaten earlier than the predicted main fire front. These spot fires can occur up to 4km ahead of the main fire.

Firefighters are on scene protecting properties in the area.

Firefighters are assisting the relocation of people and caravans from Koala Shores Port Stephens Caravan Park to the Lemon Tree Passage boat ramp, Henderson Park.

Heavy smoke is affecting the Port Stephens and Shoal Bay areas.

Oyster Cove Road and Lemon Tree Passage Road are closed.

Emergency alert telephone messages have been sent and the Standard Emergency Warning System has been broadcast to people in the area.

Power and telecommunications in the area are currently disrupted due to the fire.


People in the areas of Tanilba Bay, Mallabula and Lemon Tree Passage areas should take shelter as the fire front approaches.

If you are physically and mentally prepared to defend your home, get ready to take shelter as the fire impacts. Properly prepared homes that are actively defended can provide safety during the fire.

If you don’t have a Bush Fire Survival Plan and your home is unprepared, go to your identified safer place. This may include a neighbouring property or area close by that is not at risk from bush fire.

If you are in doubt or the path is not clear, seek shelter now – if you are caught in the path of the fire you may die or be injured. Protect your body from radiant heat, smoke inhalation and flying embers by covering your skin with protective clothing made from natural fabrics.

If you are visiting the Tanilba Bay, Mallabula and Lemon Tree Passage areas and unable to leave, you can wait at the Club Lemon Tree (corner Gould Drive, Lemon Tree Passage) for further information.

Residents should remain vigilant to the threat of embers starting spot fires in and around properties overnight. Actively defend your property by monitoring your property and extinguishing spot fires.

Other Information

  • If your life is at risk, call Triple Zero (000) immediately.
  • Continue to stay up to date with the bush fire situation by checking http://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au, listening to your local radio station or by calling the NSW RFS Bush Fire Information Line on 1800 679 737.
  • For information on road closures, check http://livetraffic.rta.nsw.gov.au. Roads may be closed without warning.