4WDers Fight Restrictions at Nine Mile Beach

4WD enthusiasts are up in arms about a push to restrict their access to Nine Mile Beach at Lake Macquarie.

There are now calls to end their access to certain parts of the beach, in order to protect the sand dunes and prevent further damage to the local ecosystem.

Lake Macquarie councillor, John Gilbert says the ban would be a big over-reaction since only a tiny minority are doing the wrong thing.

“With the 5% of people who don’t comply, it’s a matter of bringing them into line or having them removed from the site. It’s not a matter of closing down huge sections of the site, like they’re proposing to do.”

Currently, drivers have to pay for permits to drive and camp on the beach and that money pays for rangers who keep an eye on things.

Councillor Gilbert believes this system seems to be working, and doesn’t see any need for change.

“The permit system means that there is funding to have facilities and resources to be able to manage the activity there, which is why they have the rangers.”


Image: NSW National Parks