Fears for Fisherman After Container Spill

There are now concerns that the dozens of missing containers off the coast of Port Stephens could be potentially catastrophic for local fishing trawlers.

Of the 83 containers lost from the YM Efficiency, only one has been found.

The others remain unaccounted for, with fears that they’re now scattered on the bottom of the ocean.

Robert Gouda from the Fisherman’s Co-op says the containers pose a huge risk and could even have fatal consequences.

“If one of our trawlers happens to hook up on them, there’s a very big chance that we may lose trawlers and lose lives.

“The ones that are washing up onshore are making a mess we can clean up. The others are much more dangerous.”

Because of the risk, Robert says a number of locals are choosing to stay at home and not go to work.

“There’s boats that aren’t going to work at the moment until we have more information. They’re not prepared to take the risk.”

Image: https://www.maxpixel.net/Sea-Ship-Shipping-Water-Ocean-Products-Containers-84139