HUGE Waiting Times at John Hunter Hospital

Wallsend MP Sonia Hornery says the John Hunter’s Emergency Department is at a tipping point, with waiting times spiraling out of control.

According to the Bureau of Health Information, 37.4% of patients were forced to wait over 4 hours for treatment from the January to March, 2018 quarter.

Sonia Hornery says that’s far higher than the state average, and something needs to be done.

“I’d like to see that reduced and that’s only going to be reduced by more resources, more staffing and a bigger commitment to health in the Newcastle and Hunter area.”

She’s also taken aim at the State Government for failing to make hospitals a priority.

“Instead of investing in more staff, better access and improved conditions, the Government wants to spend more than $2 billion on stadiums.”

However, the latest BHI Healthcare Performance Report shows that the John Hunter’s waiting times have actually improved recently.

The number of patients receiving their treatment on time has actually increased by 5.7%, with the majority of patients leaving the Emergency Department within 2.5 hours.


Image: Courtesy of Sonia Hornery