Catch The NOVOS at 6:25 am each morning to play ‘What’s That Noise?’

Tell us what the sound is and you grab the cash!


They come in various sizes

You might find it in a pub


Printing roll on an old-school calculator or adding machine

Slide projector clicking into place

A needle on a sewing machine

Pressing a Soap dispenser which is out of soap

Twisting a manual salt or pepper grinder

Putting money in a poker machine

Putting Credit card in an old-fashioned machine

Pulling sticky tape out of sticky tape holder

Using a Mimeograph (Medicare card duplicator)

Winding Music box

Crushing cans

Camera shutter

Pressing the eject button on a VCR

Typing on an old typewriter

Using a metal guillotine

Typing on a keyboard

Using a rubric cube

Firing a nerf gun


Photocopier paper tray changing from a3-a4

Using a slide projector

Hole Puncher

Price gun

Pressing keys on a calculator

Electric stapler

Packing tape dispenser

Pedestal fan



Straw Dispenser

Standing on the bin leaver and lifting the lid

Licking your finger and turning pages of a book

Starting a car battery

Turning Venetian blinds

Paper shredder

Date gun

Dice being thrown out of a tumbler

The coin twist on a gumball/toy vending machine

TAB – ticket machine

Pokie/gaming machine

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