Catch The NOVOS at 6:25am each morning to play ‘What’s That Noise?’

Tell us what the sound is and you grab the cash!


You don’t see it a lot

It doesn’t vibrate

It doesn’t come in many colors


Coffee pod being placed in a coffee machine

Pushing down a toaster

Closing a filing cabinet

Breadbox opening and closing

Screen door closing

A door being opened and closed

Closing an ashtray

Pressing keys on a typewriter

Locking a latch a suitcase

Locking a filing cabinet

A staple gun

It’s not a car door

Electric Stapler

Using a key to open a car door

Paper guillotine

Pulling down on a fabric hand towel in a public toilet

Ejecting a VHS

Hanging up an old school phone

A deadlock closing on a door

Turning a rotary dial on a phone

Hanging up a public phone

Opening a fire exit door

Pushing down a toaster lever

Changing the toner in a printer

Putting change into a payphone and hearing the coins drop once the call connects

Changing the cartridge on a typewriter/printer

Using a home phone

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