The NEWSTAR Awards is the chance for the youth of The Hunter to Shine. Recognising, the achievements, talents and hard work of our regions youth!

Being told you’re appreciated is one of the most simplest yet incredibly uplifting things you can ever hear, so at NEWFM we want to acknowledge our regions youth in all areas from sport to academic and community service.

Voting for the Peoples Choice has closed for the 2018 NEWSTAR Awards.

The categories to vote in were:

  • Sport
  • Academic
  • Performance (Dance/ Drama)
  • Music
  • Community Service
  • Just Because

There was one prize per category/ age group.

While not everyone nominated will receive a prize, there are no winners or losers here, we are simply celebrating the achievements of the Hunter’s Youth!

With the person with the most votes being awarded a Microsoft Surface Go!



All nominees must:

  • Be between the ages of 6 – 17 years in 2018.
  • Live, learn, work and play in the NEWFM Broadcast Area of The Hunter.



6-10 YEAR SPORT … Taj Beveridge-Cook from Metford

6-10 YEAR ACADEMIC … Oliver Clewett from Valentine

6-10 YEAR PERFORMANCE … No Nominees

6-10 YEAR MUSIC … No Nominees

6-10 YEAR COMMUNITY SERVICE … Willow Waddingham from Charlestown

6-10 YEAR  JUST BECAUSE … Thomas Fletcher from Fletcher


7-11 YEAR SPORT … Alyssa Charter-Smith from Barnsley

7-11 YEAR ACADEMIC … Livia Tsloulis from Argenton

7-11 YEAR PERFORMANCE … Clarence Lawrence from Rutherford

7-11 YEAR MUSIC … Grace Lovayy from Valentine

7-11 YEAR COMMUNITY SERVICE … Chloe Abraham from Shortland

7-11 YEAR  JUST BECAUSE … Mitchell Fletcher from Fletcher


Winner of Voting Prize will be announced on-air during The NOVOS breakfast show today.


Congratulations to all our NEWstars for 2018!